Tomak's Booth

a.k.a. "The Little Plastic Chapel In the Pines"

a.k.a. "The St. No Chapel"

(Home of the St. No Party, the St. No Disco, the St. No Foolin' Around)

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This glorious monstrosity was built on the Michigan Renaissance Festival grounds using a ShadowClans "Build-A-Castle" Kit. Contents:
1 Dwarf
1 Marshwiggle
Add slave labor as needed.*

*Dwarf, Marshwiggle and slave labor not included.
The Little Plastic Chapel In the Pines It had a 9 foot rose window, man. Artsy 3/4 front view Goth chicks and Gothic arches
How much is that baby in the window? Herr Malenfuhrer Ascendant He always wanted a woman with purple hair. Johann and Big Olga
  Look!  A Customer! The Booth Staff  
Erin and the vacuum former Booth under construction Rorik and duct tape and plastic.  Oh, My!
  The St. No Sales Staff