The word 'miscellaneous,' with letters in many different styles and colors.

Mo grinning as he points his steel-tipped arrow shooting ballista at a target.
Moe with his toy
 Mo preparing to bury a railroad spike-like arrow into an unsuspecting hay bale.
Ready to launch
People standing by a canoe.
Us playing near the water
Johann has photographed Joan's back instead of steering the boat.  It is now headed for the far bank.
Um, put down the camera and steer.


The words, 'The Painted Ladies of ShadowClans,' in a style like dripping paint

Tomak draws a design on Solveig's stomach.
Solveig -- A work in progress

Solveig displays an elaborate four-pointed star painted on her stomach.
Solveig -- Decorated Navel Officer

Kendra pulls open her sirt to reveal a large, blue daisy painted just below her collarbone.
Kendra tears open her shirt to reveal her
secret identity -- DaisyWoman

Claire, wearing a halter top and jeans, has the word 'sin' written in huge letters on her stomach above an arrow pointing down.
Sometimes it's best just to
read the instructions.