Here are some pictures of some of our escapades.
There will be more added as they come in.

New Stuff

Pennsic XXXV (Gallery)
Golden Seamstress 2006 (slide-show)(gallery)
Golden Seamstress 2006 Part 2(slide-show)(gallery)

Old Stuff

New Site for ShadowClans (slide-show)
Trailer of Doom, Part 2 (slide-show)(gallery)
Golden Seamstress III (2004) (slide-show)(gallery)
Paintball:February 2004 (slide-show)(gallery)

Val Day 2004
Aisling's Pics (slide-show)(gallery)
Kaidu's Pics (slide-show)(gallery)
Rorik's Pics (slide-show)(gallery)
Wolfgang's Pics (slide-show)(gallery)

Gulfwars 2001 (slide-show)(gallery)
Bugboil 2003 (slide-show)(gallery)
Trailer of Doom, Part 1 (slide-show)(gallery)
Baron Wars IV (slide-show)(gallery)
Baron Wars IV Part 2 (slide-show)(gallery)
Val Day 2003 (slide-show)(gallery)
Caving Trips (slide-show)(gallery)
Gulf Wars and New Orleans
Some Pictures of our Keep
Pictures of Carving the Keep
Miscellaneous Pictures
Burning Man '00
Tomak's Ren Fest Booth
New Year's '01
Val Day 2001
Makin' Plastic (slide-show)(gallery)
Pre-Setup (slide-show)(gallery)
Pennsic XXX- Part 1
Pennsic XXX- Part 2
Children's Battle
Guy's Edits